About us



Hospitality has always been in our veins. We started in this business with a Grilled chicken outlet in the Mid 90s, then followed by the Hut Restaurant, which was followed by Times Café. We are at it again with the new Good Times at the Lower level of Pioneer Mall.

The Good Times Café Philosophy

We intend to bring the experience which we gathered over the years in our previous businesses and from our travels globally.

We intend to create a place where you are welcomed with a smile.

Our idea is to make daytime eating enjoyable.

We want to create an environment where food and memorable conversation go hand in hand.

Being cognisant of the changing eating trends, whereby diners are now careful about their dietary requirements, we shall strive to serve fresh, made-to-order meals; our menus shall cater for vegetarian diet, banters and meat lovers.

We shall strive to serve the freshest and tastiest food, prepared with the fresh ingredients.

We intend to create place where food is simple and enjoyable, a place of comfort and sophistication.

Café style food shared in good company, a glass of good wine in a relaxed atmosphere tastes better. The management of Good Times Café invites you to come to experience the feeling.

We will be running an opening special throughout the month of March; 10% discount on select Menu Prices.